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Stage payments

With a custom build home, your clients are buying a new home and paying for it in stages as their build progresses.  Their stage payments will be made at key milestones, usually three or four, determined by the developer. 

For a custom build home, cost based stage payments are best

With a custom build home a developer is involved in the process and the customer is paying for a bespoke home to be built for them – usually in four or five stages – on site with multiple plots and other customers.  The exact stages will be determined by the developer and will be different on every custom build site.

For this type of customer, a cost based mortgage is best suited as stage payments are guaranteed based on the project costs.  Cost based stage payments provide certainty all round, giving your clients complete peace of mind that their home will be completed to a fixed budget.  BuildLoan can tailor your clients’ mortgage to suit their bespoke custom build home and ensure they have the necessary funds to pay the developer as required.

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BuildLoan’s unique cost based mortgages offer guaranteed stage payments based on your client’s build costs, either before or after each stage of works, depending on their payment schedule and irrespective of lender interim valuation figures..  This gives you and your client complete certainty in their budget, and peace of mind knowing they’ll have the cash they need when it’s needed.


Borrow up to 95% on plot and build costs

Guaranteed stage payments in arrears or advance

Mortgage tailored to suit your client’s individual payment schedule

Interest only payments available and only payable as funds drawn down

Access to a range of exclusive mortgages and lenders