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If you’re looking for a competitive bridging solution for your clients, our short term funding team has premier panel status and can access rates starting from just 0.68%

We can secure the right deal for your clients, first time.

At BuildLoan, we have a dedicated short term funding team for brokers.  Our vast experience in the construction sector together with our first class relationships with all the main lenders and bridging distributors means we can find the right solution for your clients whatever their circumstances.

When we take a case to a lender, our reputation goes with us.  That’s because lenders know that if we’ve agreed to work with a broker, their client’s project is going to work well because of the research we have undertaken and because we’ll present the case to them – exactly as they want it.

We are hands on with the lenders, solicitors and valuers to ensure everything works well and to get the deal over the line.  We remain involved with the client’s project to monitor progress and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Key Features

  • Rates from 0.68% per month
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Minimum Loan size £25,000
  • No maximum loan size
  • Minimum  term – 1 month
  • Maximum term – 24 months (12 months regulated)
  • No upfront fees
  • First and second charge
  • No age restrictions and not based on income
  • Product availability in England, Wales & Scotland
  • Straightforward, transparent, quick

Why come to BuildLoan?

It’s quite simple, we are a specialist master packager and you will be placing your business with a company that is highly experienced in construction finance and short term funding.

the right deal for your client first time

vast experience in the construction sector


one to one support to get your deal over the line