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Submitting Business

You will find everything you need to submit business with BuildLoan within our new mortgage portal Unicus. To get started register or login using the link below. 

Unicus is the mortgage platform for self and custom build mortgages

 Unicus is BuildLoan’s new mortgage platform for mortgage intermediaries.  It is designed to make the process of handling self and custom build mortgages easier, providing the products and guidance you need, along with robust evidence of research.

The new portal supports you with your self and custom build business from start to finish.  Login to submit business, access cases, obtain an update on progress and see what is required 24/7.  Our current product list and information on KFIs and procuration fees are also now situated in Unicus as well as a new Knowledge Hub packed full of useful information.

Our broker desk is still on hand during working hours, to answer any questions and guide you as you adapt to the new system, providing the human touch.

Getting Started

Before you can submit business, you will need to register to use our new mortgage platform Unicus.  It’s quick and easy and once complete, you will receive an email with your login details.  You will find a link to register or login to Unicus  in the top right hand corner of any page of the BuildLoan website.

Your Dashboard

Login to view your dashboard, where you will find the option to submit an enquiry or refer business.  Your dashboard will provide a snapshot of all business you have submitted with current status and items outstanding.  

Initial Enquiry Form

Whereas previously, you had to call or email our broker desk to discuss an enquiry, you can now complete a Pre Application Questionnaire online.  Our broker desk is on hand to support you if you have any questions or need assistance.  Fully optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, Unicus is open for business 24/7. 

Activate Customer Portal

Once you have submitted your case, you can activate your customers’ portal where they will be prompted to submit necessary documents relating to their application.   Much the same as your own dashboard, they will be able to see the current status of their mortgage application and outstanding actions.  

While you can use the chase and ask function to speak to our team, your clients can only communicate with you via their portal.

Additional Project Questionnaire (SBQ)

If you’ve done business with BuildLoan previously, you will know that we sent out a self build questionnaire to complete with your clients.  This form is now on Unicus.   Once you have completed the Pre App Questionnaire you can complete the Additional Project Questionnaire (SBQ), after which a Lender Match Report will normally be sent to you within 24 hours.

Lender Match Report

The Lender Match report will show in green, the lenders that will accept your clients’ case based on the information received.  You will also see a list in amber of the lenders that may accept your clients’ case subject to further questions. Finally, the lenders that will not accept the case are shown in red along with reasons why.  This Lender Match Report forms your evidence of research and allows you to produce your suitability letter and generate an illustration with your sourcing system and complete the application form online.  

A fee of £95 is payable on receipt of the completed application form before DIP requested.

Decision in Principle

You can upload documents from your dashboard for a Decision in Principle, Underwriting and Full Application. Our team of experienced in-house case managers compile a final list of items required from your client and once the DIP has been approved, they will work with you to collate the required paperwork from your clients.

Mortgage Cost Forecast

Self build lenders require sight of detailed cost breakdown prior to assessing your client’s application and issuing a mortgage offer.  Preparing this breakdown with sufficient detail can be challenging and time consuming for your clients.   Many builders are reluctant to quote for work at an early stage and their pricing rarely covers every aspect of the build.

Your clients can fast track this stage using BuildLoan’s Mortgage Cost Forecast service.  Our team of qualified project managers will prepare a full breakdown of your clients total build costs using their in-depth knowledge of thousands of homebuilding projects.

If your clients would prefer to prepare their own costings, these will be passed to our project support team for a thorough review to ensure these are realistic before being passed to the lender.  Each element will be verified for accuracy and where costs appear low, our team will investigate why – for example your client might be a builder or have friends or family who are tradesmen offering cheap or free labour.  This can be a lengthy process so we have created the Mortgage Cost Forecast service.  At just £120 it will put your client in the best position for a successful project.  

Tailored Cashflow

Once your client’s costings evaluation is complete, a tailored cashflow will be prepared for them, to ensure sufficient funds are available at every stage of their project.  This will form their stage payment schedule and it will be the amount they have to spend at each stage, allowing them to budget accordingly.

Case Packaged/Plot Valuation

When all of the required client documentation has been uploaded to Unicus, we will prepare their case to be packaged to the lender.  Occasionally, depending on the lender, a valuation may be instructed before the case is packaged.

Offer Received

Once the lender has received the full package and valuation, they will underwrite your client’s mortgage and instruct a valuation.  Because this type of mortgage is individually underwritten the lender may come back to you with additional queries.  This will be shown in your portal against the case.  BuildLoan will work with you and your client to collate any additional information requested.  

On receipt of your client’s formal mortgage offer, the BuildLoan arrangement fee of £600 becomes due.

Mortgage Completion and Initial Drawdown of Funds

Once your client’s solicitor has submitted their Certificate of Title to the lender, they will arrange your client’s first drawdown of funds.  A BuildLoan case manager will be on hand to liaise with all parties ensuring funds are released without any delays.

Prior to this initial stage release, your clients will be required to pay their Additional Security Fee (where applicable).  On mortgage completion, instructions on how to request further stage payments and the necessary forms will be issued to your client.  Subsequent stage payments will be requested by your client’s solicitor.

Build Monitoring and Management of Stage Payments

We will remain in touch with your client throughout their project to ensure that things are progressing smoothly and to plan.  Our stage release team will ensure your client’s subsequent funds are released without delay.

Alert Project nearing Completion

You will receive an alert when your client is approaching the end of their project.  It’s a good idea to review their ongoing protection and general insurance requirements at this stage.

Referral Option (NEW)

There may be times when you would rather refer your case to BuildStore Mortgage Services.  You can now refer clients in your broker portal.  Just click Create New Referral and complete the short questionnaire.  The referral will appear on your dashboard under live cases.  When referring a case you will receive a procuration fee of 0.10% of the loan amount.

 Unicus is not available for development finance or bridging loans yet.

Our short term funding team is on hand to support you with any cases you have.

Please contact them on 0345 347 0250 or email them at