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Every homebuilding project is different and there is no one size fits all solution when it comes finance.  At BuildLoan, we have designed a range of products to solve the most commonly experienced problems faced by customers, packed with features and benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

 Give your homebuilding clients peace of mind with BuildLoan.

Higher Lending Percentages

At BuildLoan, it’s possible for your clients to borrow up to 95% on land/property with outline planning and up to 95% on build costs.  These higher lending percentages are particularly useful in the case of timber frames where clients are required to pay for their kit early on.

Funds in Advance or Arrears

With traditional self build mortgages, funds are released in arrears.  This means that your clients need to find the funds to cover each stage before being reimbursed by the lender.  Our exclusive Accelerator mortgage provides funds before every stage of your clients’ build.

Cost Based Mortgages

Our exclusive cost based mortgages provide guaranteed stage payments linked to build costs, removing the risk of mortgage funds being restricted by a lender’s down valuation.  This type of mortgage offers peace of mind and certainty for your clients.

Tailored Cashflow

We’ve already established that there’s nothing more important than cashflow and it’s vitally important that your client’s  cashflow is tailored to their individual project and financial circumstances.  Our industry experts will check your clients’ costings and ensure adequate funding is in place at each stage of the project.

Short Term Funding Solutions

A mortgage is only an option for customers who plan to live in the property once it’s complete.  For customers who are building to sell or to let, we offer competitive development finance or bridging loans and have a dedicated Short Term Funding Team.

No Need to Sell Current Home

With the enhanced cash position offered by BuildLoan’s mortgages, clients can stay in their existing home as they build their new one.  This means they can avoid the upheaval and costs of moving into temporary accommodation


Interest Only During Build

While most lenders won’t allow interest only during your clients’ build, BuildLoan is able to offer interest only during their project, to further keep your clients’ costs low.