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custom build Mortgages

A custom build home is built on a site that has been divided into multiple plots. BuildLoan has a range of exclusive mortgages to suit the specific needs of your custom build clients.

Recommending the right mortgage for your custom build clients is easier with BuildLoan

With a custom build, your clients will work with professionals to design or customise a home that suits their individual lifestyle, which is then delivered for them on a multiple plot site.  Similar to self build, your clients will pay for their new home in stages.  BuildLoan has a range of exclusive mortgages designed specifically for custom build.

exclusive mortgages

We have a range of lenders offering custom build mortgages in England, Wales and Scotland. With this type of project, our unique cost based mortgages are ideally suited because the stage payments are guaranteed based on the project costs.

how to advise on custom build

When it comes to advising on a custom build, there are three key areas to consider.


With a custom build home, it’s important that the payments are based on the project costs and are guaranteed.

stage payments 

With a custom build mortgage, your clients will typically have 4-5 stage payments to make to the developer.

How to Submit Business

Find out everything you need to know when it comes to submitting business with BuildLoan.  Get information on how to register and login to our new mortgage platform Unicus.  Our broker desk is on hand to guide you and answer all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pulled together a list of the most commonly asked questions received by our broker desk.