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mortgage cost forecast

Self build mortgage lenders require sight of your clients’ project costings prior to assessing their case and issuing a mortgage offer.  BuildLoan’s Mortgage Cost Forecast can dramatically speed up this part of the process.

Exclusive mortgage cost forecast service for your mortgage clients.

Collating project costings with sufficient detail to satisfy the lender can prove challenging and time-consuming.  Builders are often reluctant to quote for work until detailed planning permission has been received – and even then – rarely over every aspect of the build.

All if this can cause unnecessary and frustrating delays when it comes to your clients getting their finances in place, and cause problems with their plot purchase. BuildLoan’s mortgage cost forecast service has been created to allow your clients to fast track through this stage and obtain realistic project costings, prepared by a team of professionals.

BuildLoan offers a Mortgage Cost Forecast Service for broker clients.  This is a remote desktop exercise carried out by a team of professional estimators with decades of experience of homebuilding projects.

Our experts look at your client’s costs as if they were the builder and provide the best estimate of reasonable build costs for their project.  Prices are realistic and allow for potential price increases.

Your clients simply provide us with their plans, any specification of materials they have at this stage and make themselves available for a telephone call.  We take care of all the rest.   

This service costs £120 and fast-tracks your clients through the application process.


If your clients would rather collate their own costings, these will still need to be evaluated by our team of professionals on behalf of the lender to make sure that we consider these realistic.  We will supply your clients with a spreadsheet which must be completed on a line by line basis to demonstrate their total build budget. This is an important part of the mortgage process and if not completed correctly, may result in delays to the cost assessment process.

BuildLoan’s mortgage cost forecast is a simple tick box exercise by comparison, and fast tracks your clients through this stage of the process.