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At BuildLoan, our products provide a safety net for everyone involved and ensure the project gets done without fear of running out of cash, midway through the build.  

Cashflow is the single most important factor of any project.

It’s essential to structure your client’s mortgage in line with their cashflow requirements.

Having the money at the right time is what will stop the wheels falling off your clients’ project – and the build grinding to a halt due to insufficient funds.  It’s essential you and your customers understand the different aspects of their build, the cashflow requirements and where those pressure points will be.


If cashflow isn’t matched to your client’s projected expenses at every stage of their project, they may find themselves unable to meet builder’s invoice, or pay for the materials they need.



Every day is a pay away day on a self build.  That’s why we’ll thoroughly check your client’s build costs and prepare a tailored cashflow that forms their payments schedule, giving you and your clients peace of mind that they have the necessary funds available at each stage, and there are no nasty surprises.  

We also offer cost based mortgages, providing certainty – the equivalent of a fixed rate mortgage versus a variable – with stage payments guaranteed based on your client’s project costs at each stage – either in advance or in arrears.   Their payments are guaranteed irrespective of any lender valuations.

If your client has chosen an off-site manufactured construction type, such as timber frame, they may need to pay for the structure in full before it leaves the factory – so they’ll need access to sufficient funds in the early stages of the build.