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If you’re a mortgage adviser, looking for the best mortgage for your client’s self build project, look no further than BuildLoan.

As a mortgage adviser, your job is to recommend the best product and lender for your client’s requirements.  And when it comes to self build mortgages, there’s no better option than BuildLoan.

At BuildLoan, we’ve helped more than 30,000 customers successfully build their own homes.  We’re the UK’s leading provider of funding for homebuilding projects, with more than 60 exclusive mortgages offering significant benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Did you know that traditional self build mortgages put your clients at risk of down valuations and receiving less money than expected, causing unnecessary worry and stress or even bringing their project to a grinding halt? That’s why we’ve designed cost based mortgages with guaranteed payments based on project costs, providing complete peace of mind for you and your clients.

Self Build Home

Our Products

We have a range of exclusive products designed specifically for self build and renovation projects and a dedicated broker desk with unbeatable construction finance knowledge, to help you source the perfect mortgage for your clients.

Every project is unique and your job is to ensure your recommended product meets your client’s cashflow requirements. By partnering with BuildLoan, you can access expert guidance and the following benefits for your clients:-

  • Higher lending percentages on land and build costs
  • Advance stage payments
  • Cost based mortgages
  • Interest only during the build
  • Cashflow individually tailored for their project to ensure sufficient cash
  • Possible to stay in their existing home while building their new one
  • Ongoing expert build monitoring support and guidance   

With 100% focus on homebuilding finance, our dedicated broker desk can be an invaluable source of support and knowledge for you and your clients. 


Our lender panel

BuildLoan’s lender panel consists of building societies that, true to their name, are keen to help customers realise their homebuilding dreams.

Lenders channel their business exclusively through BuildLoan because they recognise this type of client requires additional specialist help on issues such as planning, costings and cashflow projections.

We work with our lenders to design solutions to the everyday problems homebuilding clients face with traditional mortgages, making it easier for more people to create their dream homes successfully.

Our unique lender match report will show you the lenders that will accept your client’s case and form robust evidence of research.



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