development finance

If you have clients building a property to sell or let, they’ll need development finance rather than a mortgage. Look no further than BuildLoan.

BuildLoan is a master broker for short term lending, and our dedicated short term lending desk has over three decades’ experience in this specialist marketplace.

We will look at all project types, from simple new builds to converting water towers and mixed commercial and residential developments. No project is too small or too large, both in terms of its physical size and the loan itself.

Whether your client is an experienced developer or looking to venture into property development for the first time, we can provide competitive solutions.

Property development project

Our solutions

Development finance can offer a lucrative additional income stream to you as an adviser, but you may sometimes feel it pushes you out of your comfort zone. That’s where we come in.

At BuildLoan, we take a 1-2-1 approach and will support you and your clients every step of the way. We have competitive solutions for:-


  • Light refurbishment
  • New builds
  • Commercial buildings being converted for residential use
  • Heavy refurbishment
  • Conversions
  • Conversion into HMO
  • Completing developments that have already started
  • Developing properties to rent out on completion

“We tend to see that once a broker becomes known locally as someone with access to good products and knowledge, the drum starts beating, and you find that one person will mention it to another and another etc.  I have seen cases where a broker’s business now predominantly offers development finance or bridging, so once people hear about you and you do a good job, it seems to multiply and spread. Your income is far higher than for mortgages – typically 1% of the loan amount or 50% of the total procuration fee received by BuildLoan.”

Mike Cartwright, Short Term Funding Specialist 

finding the opportunities

One of the most common questions advisers ask us is how to partner with developers on finance projects. Emailing or leaflet-dropping local developers and trade associations is a good starting point. You may also want to advertise in trade publications or attend local developer networking events. It’s also possible to access lists of planning permissions from local councils.

Above all, keep your eyes and ears open to the opportunity when completing client fact finds, and you’ll soon begin to spot the opportunities.

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